Zone RV Case Study



Title: Zone RV – High Country Exploration

Format: 40 minutes x 2 episodes

Goals & Objectives:

  • To create cinematic long-form content that entertains and inspires
  • To build brand awareness for Zone RV and promote their product range
  • To build audiences across the Zone RV social media platforms


Style & Tone: Talent lead – Cinematic, entertaining & aspirational

Target Audience:

The documentary targets a wide audience both young and old across a wide range of demographics, including those interested in off-roading, camping, Australian travelling, caravanning, and the lifestyle-conscious.


Zone RV approached the team at Outpoint to create long-form video content documenting their ambitious trip across the Victorian High Country. The final product needed to be high end, cinematic and delivered within a short timeframe to aid an existing marketing campaign. 

During the eight-day adventure, the production crew captured the challenges and successes as the team worked their way through stunning scenery and unforgiving terrain on route to the famous Craigs Hut. 

Throughout the entire production process, the mindset of the team was to create the highest quality content that would be fit for broadcast. The final two-part documentary ‘High Country Exploration’ was well-received across their social platforms, collecting over 130,000 views in the first month with the sales team noting a huge increase in both new enquiries and sales.

Episode 1

Episode 2